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    int-208SE Small
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Top view with linked / Staggered, (posts succession)
Front view with linked / Staggered, (posts succession)
Top view with attached posts (posts side by side)
Front view with attached posts (posts side by side)
Dimesnions of  int-208SE Small
side by side
Dimentions of  int-208SE (Standard model)
side by side
On these versions, the columns exchanged for special designs,  So there is only one column where both lifts using them (see below) When coupled designs, there are two possibilities: 1 Staggered, this gives the most space savings
2 side by side
For coupled version, the motor and electricity cabinet always on the crossbeam front mounted, so it is not  in the way.  
  € 2150, = int-208SE-Small 4-postparkinglift € 2150, = int 208SE- 4 post parkinglift When coupled designs they always with completely closed platform (removable) €   250, = Transport ) €   450, =  instalation €   295, = LED lighting
Prices are per lift All prices are excluding VAT