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Scissor parking lift
2700 kg Capacity , 220 Volt/1 Ph , full hydraulic.
The int-P2700 is a full hydraulic scissor parking lift. Due to the compact construction, it takes as little space and gives a perfect extra parkingplace . No post that block the way and on top of the platform complete free room. Because of the slim scissor there will remain an optimal space for simple and spacious parking. By the width of just 2,5 mtr it fits in almost any ordinary garage.and for lager buildings you can easy convert multiple lifts side by side and so make use of the maximum use of space      
The low ramp  ensures that very low cars can drive properly on the lift without getting stuck. It is easy to install and to move again , on almost any underground.  The complete closed platform gives a maximum protection against leaking of oil and dirt.
By installing the lifts side by side it creates a floor to put cars on and under but still you can operate every single lift. The high lifting height of 2,20 mtr ( top of platform) and 2,00 mtr ( free drive trough) makes it possible for higher cars to park under.    
For inside use or outside . If lack of parking spaces they are a quick and easy way to extend your parking area. Also for use as a display on a show or an attention grabber infront of your building.
Te control cabinet with the control buttons can be placed on any place near to the lift , the long hose has a range of 7 mtr.  
The extra controlunit can be  hang on a wall or a post for where you have the best acces .
Full hydraulic by 2 strong cilinders for a stable and strong lifting of the car.  
Hydraulic synchronization by Master and slave-cilinder ,what, in all situations, gives a good balanced and synchronized lifting.
Adjustable locking , so the lift can always be locked and never can sink unwilling and demage the car underneath.
Automatic un-locking . Endswitch so the lift will always stop at the required height.
Footprotection-switch, going down the last 20 cm, the lift will stop and a alarm signal will be heard. Push lock and the lift will go down the for last 20 cm.   
Detachable ramps for optimum space saving  
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Also easy approachable for verry low cars.
Easy to drive on, forward or backward, by the complete closed platform.
Because of the high lifting height there is enough space to park a high bus or company car.
Prices :
int-p2700 scissor parking lift           €  3.500,=  Transport  (abroad)      €     350.=  
Specifications:        lifting capacity 2600 kg lifting height top of platform 2,15 mtr max. free drive trough 2.00 mtr current 230 volt/1 ph
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